Free Play Productions
Free Play Productions Stephen Nachmanovitch

Partial discography:

Coming soon: Music from Before the Beginning (2020)


The Liquid Between the Styles with Matt Oestreicher

Resurgence with Ron Fein

Saraswati Steps Up To Bat

Sixth Sense - with Karlton Hester & Stephanie Phillips

Electric & Acoustic Improvisations with Tim Summers

Ludi Fecundus

Merging at Merging One - with Ellen Burr

Moon Music #2

Earth's Answer


Visual Music Series 2009-10

Visual Music Series 2011-14

Visual Music Series 2016-17

Visual Music Series 2019-20

Live performance:

The Dharma Violin
Solo and chamber improvisation concerts
on violin, viola, and electric violin
and collaborations with other artsts

Let there be light:
- An evening of Visual Music
- Interactive museum shows

Master Classes in Improvisation