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From This World, Another
David Rothenberg & Stephen Nachmanovitch

From This World, Another

Listen to & buy the recording on Bandcamp


Stephen and David have released a new recording called FROM THIS WORLD, ANOTHER. Violin- and clarinet-family instruments, birds, percussion, voices, keyboards. It will be released on Bandcamp, along with a book we created of live dialogues about the pieces, about improvisation and music and birds and creativity. Some of the most extensive program notes ever, first in a limited edition of 100 copies to go with the digital recording, the music and words more widely available afterwards.  

Here’s the introduction to the accompanying book:

Stephen Nachmanovitch and David Rothenberg share an affinity for improvising music, thinking about improvisation, and the songs of birds. Quarantined this past year like the rest of us, they decided to make an album together online.
How best to release it?
How to know what it is we may be hearing?
The two of us, writers as well as players, decided to talk our way through the music, and the ideas behind the music, and speak a book together.
This is the result.

1 – Fly, Sing, Dream – Birds, clarinet, viola, percussion
2 – Aukuras – Viola d’amore, bass clarinet
3 – For David Darling – Violectra, clarinet, electronics, birds
4 – Bambuta – Overtone flute, violin, birds, keyboard
5 – Malūma – Clarinet, voice, percussion, birds, electronics
6 – Gravity’s Wave – Electronics, clarinet, violin, birds
7 – Beautiful Eggs – Clarinet, violectra, birds, electronics
8 – Dark Ice Dream – Violin, keyboard
9 – Swagtime – Bass clarinet
10 – Undertow – Violin, contralto clarinet
11 – Teatro Paradiso – Voice, electronics, contralto clarinet, birds

Total time: 52 minutes
Stephen Nachmanovitch: Violin, viola d’amore, viola, violectra, voice, percussion, birds, electronics.
David Rothenberg: B♭ clarinet, bass and contralto clarinet, overtone flute, keyboards, birds, electronics.

Remotely recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic between Charlottesville, Virginia (Stephen) and Cold Spring, New York (David) on January 15 and 29, 2021. The accompanying book was remotely recorded in conversations on Feb 18, Feb 25, and March 5, 2021.