Learn How To:
Strengthen technique through improvisation.
Overcome fears.
Take advantage of mistakes and accidents.
Achieve ensemble and instant communication.
Create coherent, well formed music
when playing without a plan.
Contact your creative process while performing.
Connect with art, theater,
film, poetry, and dance.
Renew the pleasure of play.

Where does spontaneous music
come from? What is inspiration?
What is quality in spontaneous music?
What are the spiritual aspects of improvising?

hands on experience
 improvising music
   solo and with others
For musicians, composers & teachers, improvisation is a tool for achieving greater skill, confidence, communication, and imagination. It is also a great art form in itself ~ the most universal, playful, and intimate form of musical expression.

To plan a master class
for your institution, contact

two-hour introductory sessions
weekend or full-week workshops
ongoing performance workshops
programs can be designed to meet the needs of your institution

Stephen Nachmanovitch master classes in improvisation have been presented at many universities and other institutions, including Juilliard and the Yehudi Menuhin School.