FIRST LIFE represents a 20-year bridge between science and art. Nature is transformed into a mindscape of form, sound, and sensuality. FIRST LIFE is based on 16mm film of one-celled creatures taken by Stephen Nachmanovitch in 1966 at the UCLA Zoology Department. It was processed for video in 1985 and 1986 with special effects created on the Fairlight Video Synthesizer with the help of Radames Pera. Musical score adapted from a live electric violin improvisation by Stephen Nachmanovitch at the Esalen Institute in 1980, during a birthday concert for Gregory Bateson. The finished work was premiered at a retrospective concert of visual music work by Stephen Nachmanovitch at the UCLA Music Department in January, 1986.

Special thanks to:
Radames Pera
Andra Akers & International synergy
Laura Kuhn
Theodore Jahn & Eugene Bovee
Gregory Bateson
Jean Piaget

FIRST LIFE - DVD video, 20 minutes

Based on 16mm footage by Stephen Nachmanovitch, 1966.
Reprocessed on video, 1986, on Fairlight Video Synthesizer
Music by Stephen Nachmanovitch, 1980/86.