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Liberate Your Creativity:
Using the Power of
Improvisation in Life & Art

All children share the quality of free play, open access to their spontaneous creativity and imagination. Although each of us carries that essential source of creativity within us, as we grow older we develop layers of inhibition and judgment that shut us off from this source. Whether or not we are artists, we have a need to express ourselves, but much of the time we feel blocked and frustrated. Our capacity for critical judgment makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master!

Learn to utilize the power of improvisation in busting the blocks that inhibit the flow of creativity. Improvisation, that spontaneous balancing of technique and inspiration, is the key — all artwork begins with that first moment the pen touches the empty page, the bow touches the violin, the brush touches the empty canvas. Working with a Zen approach to creativity, we open up the freedom to create in the moment which comes from being in touch with our spiritual center, and explore ways of touching that center as a matter of daily practice.

This workshop is for artists in any medium and those who wish to develop their creative powers. It will include practical techniques and exercises for unblocking the flow, using the power of limits and the power of mistakes, using the material at hand to facilitate the opening of our creative voice. Whether you sing, paint, compose, write or dance, you will create new work each day of this workshop.



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