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Videos of talks & interviews

Life Talking With Itself: Performance & Talk with David Rothenberg 2021

Visual Music Series 2009-10

Visual Music Series 2011-14

Visual Music Series 2016-17

Visual Music Series 2019-20

Recent Podcast Interviews
with Stephen Nachmanovitch

The Art of Is - on Elipses Thinking with with Greg Dowler-Coltman

Conversations with Musicians with Leah Roseman

Turquoise Coconut with John Garner

Second City Works with Kelly Leonard

Birdmen Live SN & David Rothenberg

act/re/act with Daniel Burkholder

Improv in Action with Jim Karwisch & Sebastian Ruff, parts 1 & 2

All Things Cage with Laura Kuhn

Future Primitives with Joanna Harcourt-Smith

The Music Instigator with Will Arnold

Accidental Creative podcast with Todd Henry