The View Finder

Liberating your creativity & vision

We open here a window to the inner workings and outer flowerings of creative expression. How we see, how we frame what we see, playing with and around context, how we gradually develop our images so that they become real communications to others - all these themes bring up the fundamental practical and spiritual issues that all artists of whatever medium need to master. The purpose of our work here is to spark solutions to creative problems, zap the inhibitions, obscurations and fears that darken our view, learn to use the power of improvisation, the power of limits, and the power of mistakes to actualize the visions that brought us to artwork in the first place.

The creative process is a spiritual path. This adventure is about us, about the deep self, the (composer / artist / writer / dancer / photographer / inventor / teacher / entrepreneur) in all of us, about originality, meaning not that which is all new, but that which is fully and originally ourselves.

- from Free Play: Improvisation in Life & Art


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