Creativity & Consciousness

Life and Art as Sacred Acts

Working with a Buddhist approach to creativity, we open up the freedom to create in the moment which comes from our spiritual center, and explore ways of touching that center as a matter of daily practice. Among the topics are the relationship between individual and divine creativity, individual and societal obstacles to creativity, and creativity and states of consciousness. These sessions will combine spiritual, artistic, scholarly, and practical approaches. The integration of creativity as a sacred activity and part of our daily practice will be emphasized. Those who are engaged in artistic or other creative work will be encouraged to bring in their work in progress. The format will include lectures, discussions, exercises, meditations, and free play.


How can seemingly mundane daily acts of living become sacred and sources of creativity?

How can creativity be made a daily practice?

What are some of the challenges we face being a creative person in the contemporary world? The forces that work against creativity and how to have fun fighting them.

How can we change our physical environment - home and work - to make it more friendly to creative & spiritual activity?


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