ICB - Improvisation, Creativity, Blockbusting

This workshop is for people in the business and corporate worlds who want to learn to unblock their creativity. Each of us carries the essential source of creativity within us, but as we grow older we develop layers of inhibition and judgment that shut us off from this source. We all have a need to express ourselves, but much of the time we feel blocked and frustrated – our capacity for critical judgment makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Find out how to break free from the critic inside and connect to the source of your inventiveness and productivity. You will learn practical techniques and exercises for opening your access to spontaneous creativity and imagination. Working with Cybernetic & Zen approaches to creativity, we’ll help you learn how to create freely in the moment.

We’ll look at the different kinds of time: the time we take, make, waste, give, and discover. We look at sacred, secular, shadow, and gift. How do we make the secular sacred? The sources of true productivity. Issues of communication, with ourselves, with others, within and without an organization. The delicate relations between communication, creativity and commerce.


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