Here are a few sample scales that you can play, if you have a sound card installed, to get a feel for their differences. Just click on the name of the scale and you will hear a simple octave played up and down. Note that the timbre (instrumental sound) is given by your synthesizer - you may select any sound you wish. The World Music Menu alters the tuning.

Name Monochord - interval map
Equal temperament: E.T.
Just Intonation Just Intonation
Pythagorean Diatonic Pythagorean Diatonic
Shree - Raga scale from India Shree
Sorog - Bali Sorog
Hirajoshi - Japan Hirajoshi

There are 124 other scales in the World Music Menu, plus all their modulations and transpositions at your fingertips in real time.

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