Excerpts of reviews of the World Music Menu:

"The World Music Menu by Stephen Nachmanovitch is easily one of the most important music publications of our time. Tuning is the life blood of music, yet is has been both misunderstood and taken for granted in the West, and the tuning systems of the East have long been steeped in mystery and considered beyond comprehension. Nachmanovitch has performed the astonishing task of illuminating the subject of tuning for both advanced musicians and the average lover of music. He does this with great clarity, wit and enthusiasm. The World Music Menu may be used as a source book, and it also allows you to actually play a wide range of exotic tunings from all over the world on an electronic keyboard both easily and naturally. The World Music Menu will be a cornerstone to any music library, public or private. I eagerly look forward to future publications from the creative and innovative mind of Stephen Nachmanovitch!"

-- Michael Robinson
June 2001

Winner 1996 Editors' Choice Award

-- Electronic Musician
January 1996

"With World Music Menu, dozens of scales from around the world are virtually a point-and-click away ... Experiencing the world of alternate tunings has never been easier."

-- Keyboard Magazine
September 1994

"World Music Menu definitely succeeds in taking the MIDI Keyboard far beyond the boundaries of the equal tempered scale. As a compositional tool, I found that WMM opened up countless possibilities. It would be an indispensable tool for anyone doing film scores or soundtrack work. Besides being a very useful tool for any electronic music professional, World Music Menu is really fun."

-- Pro Audio Review
March 1997

"World Music Menu makes it easy to explore these scales and use them in your own music. I had great fun playing with it, and I suspect you will, too"

-- Electronic Musician
September 1995

"World Music Menu makes the process of microtonal synthesizer programming transparent ... it allows users to simply select a tuning and hear the results."

-- Computer Music Journal
Fall 1995


-- Pythagoras

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